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Kava Kwik Instant Kava Drink - CHOOSE SIZE
Kava Kwik Instant Kava Drink - CHOOSE SIZE
Just stir into water or your favorit beverage!
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This product is out of stock as of Oct. 27, 2017.

ETA for new shipment is Nov. 20, 2017.

Kava Kwik ***Instant** Kava Drink 

New to Kava? This is our most user friendly kava drink. Just stir into water, juice, or your favorite beverage and it dissolves instantly.

Due to kava shortages our supplier for this product has very limited production of this produce. We have discontinued our 500g size.

No need to use a strainer bag with this product!

Our kava kwik beverage is the quickest, easiest way to enjoy kava.  Simply stir it into a glass of water and drink.  Since there is no fibrous material in the powder, there is no need to strain before drinking.  This is a popular choice for those who like kava on the go or who don’t want to fuss with a blender to prepare.  Want your kava when you’re away from home?  Simply bring a pouch in your backpack or purse and you’re ready to relax anytime, anyplace.


Kava kwik is made by a rainwater extraction process of fresh kava roots from Vanuatu.  The juice is then dehydrated and made into a super concentrated powder.  Ounce for ounce, this product is much stronger than regular kava root powder because it does not contain the fiber from the roots.  This is a popular product with our long time customers and a great choice for those who want instant gratification!


Kava Kwik Profile: Smooth, fine taste with a quick preparation


As with all our kava varieties, only the prized lateral roots are used, which makes this waka grade kava contain the most concentrated source of kavalactones.  You can rest assured that no leaves, stems or aerial plant parts are ever used. 

Kava Kwik Instant is twice as potent as dried root powder. 

Please see our recipe page for simple ideas to flavor your drink.  REMEMBER, NO STRAINER BAG IS NEEDED TO ENJOY OUR KAVA KWIK 

One serving is approximately 5g. 

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Excellent quality & service
  Prompt despatch and delivery to U.K. Very easy to use and very pleasantly potent. Highly recommend. Aloha!
  Reviewed by:  Alexander from Wiltshire, United Kingdom . on 8/17/2017
Been buying from these for years
  Best Kava I have ever tried, I buy in small quantities and don't use very often but I always make sure I have some Kava in the house. These guys do the best instant Kava Tea I have bought real Kava Kava for years and years from these guys. Nothing to say apart from I want to thank you for allowing me to live a life free from anxiety and giving me a real product that I couldn't do without.
  Reviewed by:  Jonathan from UK . on 9/30/2016
Love It!
  This is my first month ordering from I will be a returning customer. The instant kava is great---beyond my expectations. Dissolves well in room temperature water or drink. Great buzz---very relaxing and mood lifting. Thank you for a great product and timely delivery.
  Reviewed by:  John from Omaha NE. on 10/31/2014
Kwik Kava
  After years of using the tincture and herbal pills of Kava, I decided to try the Kava Kwik! All I have to say, it is amazing!!! The mellow relaxed feeling beats anything I have had before! The plus side is, it is not addicting! I have bulged discs in my lower back and could not sleep at night. Now I have a heaping tablespoon of the Kava in coconut water, and sleep so well!! Thank you for the high quality product! I am recommending it to all my family and friends!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Dmitri Makortoff from Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada. on 9/24/2014
Greatalternative to alcohol
  I have experimented with multiple kava products and vendors over the past year after quiting alcohol as even 2 drinks triggered my PTSD. The instant kava is by far the best drink on the market. it completely dissolves and I find 1 heaping teaspoon in water puts me in the same mellow mood as my wife with her two glasses of wine. The Buzz Bee also is great.
  Reviewed by:  Mark from Ontario Canada. on 1/28/2014
  After years of wondering about Kava I finally decided to try it. It is wonderful for calming the nerves. I am truly completely serene. Thanks Gary!
  Reviewed by:  Steph from Kentucky. on 9/6/2013
Easy to use, and quick too
  Great service and great Kava from Gary for over 15 years now. When you don't want to take the time for the traditional root, this instant kave is great, and somewhat like the girls in the Red Light District in Amsterdam: "Goes down easy"!!!
  Reviewed by:  Don Robinson from Tennessee USA. on 7/10/2013
a very good alternative to traditional kava
  Hi, thank you for the quick delivery and the high quality of the product. It's now super easy to prepare a quick little kava and it even tastes better. I also really like the packaging. Thanks a lot and I will certainly come back for more!
  Reviewed by:  Z from New Zealand. on 10/28/2012
Life Saver
  First let me thank your fast delivery but mostly for a fantastic quality product that, like I read in some other comments, is making my life easier if not saving it.
  Reviewed by:  Diane Des Rochers from Québec. on 10/20/2012
Thank you!
  Delivery just on time!!! Recently i found out about kava and then about your website.I was quite skeptical about kava and how it would work for me but decided to order it anyway.I just got it today and immediately decided to try it.All i have to say is that it was amazing! Without any doubt i can say that you guys saved me problems! Thank you very much!!!! Will order again and recommend to my family and friends!
  Reviewed by:  Martin from Estonia. on 7/17/2012