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Vanuatu Kava Root Powder - CHOOSE SIZE
Part Number VK100
Vanuatu Kava Root Powder - CHOOSE SIZE
Our best selling kava!
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Vanuatu Kava
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Highest Quality Waka Grade Vanuatu Kava

Sail away with us to the magical and mysterious Islands of Vanuatu. The Melanesian people of this South Pacific nation have ancient roots that reach back thousands of years. It is their ancestors that discovered and domesticated what we now know as Kava. There are more varieties grown here than anywhere else in the world. Vanuatu is legendary for its highly potent kava.

Vanuatu law regulates that all kava sold for export must be at least 5 years old and be grown organic using no pesticides or chemicals. Only "Waka Grade" lateral roots (the most potent portion of the root mass) from 5-10 year old plants are used to make this high quality kava root powder Sit back and "Listen to the kava" as they say in Vanuatu.

Extra fine grind makes for easy mixing and very little waste. One pound (453g) of kava powder makes approx. 12 quarts (11.4 liters) of kava beverage. Please see our Recipe Page for instructions.
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Great product
  I just tried your product today and I am very happy with the results. I have tried Kava from another supplier but your Kava blends better and has a more relaxing effect. Thanks for the wonderful product.
  Reviewed by:  John T. Scollin from Troy, MI. on 2/9/2015
Great service and product
  Great service and product
  Reviewed by:  Adam Swan from Charlottesville VA. on 1/31/2015
  Extremely high quality kava kava root. It really relaxes the body and tastes great. I definitely recommend it. Fast shipping too.
  Reviewed by:  Stefan from Boca Raton. on 2/26/2014
Great Drink
  I love kava. It has become part of my diet. The mouth numbing effect has an appetite suppressant effect because I don't taste the food as much after I drink kava which makes me want to eat less. Drink it almost daily.
  Reviewed by:  Nicole from Omaha,NE. on 2/17/2014
  We've tried this Kava Powder yesterday and it was, for sure, an amazing experience. The sense of relaxation and refined happiness have astonished us! We'll certainly continue buying this wonderful Kava from our friends Gary and Lynn. Thank you very much!
  Reviewed by:  Karen Morais from Campinas, SP - Brazil. on 7/4/2012
very strog kava
  i used to order from another site until they started adding mostly filler into the powder and no kava. This is the best kava i have ever tried and has no fillers in it. It lasts quite a long time and is a great value. We will definitely be purchasing again
  Reviewed by:  Lori Anderson from arizona. on 2/12/2012
Kava Drinker
  I have been dealing with Gary and Lynn since 1996, and have always received fast service and top quality products. I would not shop for my Kava from anyone else, and I "highly" recommend the Vanuatu Kava to anyone wanting the authentic Kava experience. It is always freshly ground before shipping which makes it very potent and pleasurable.Vanuatu is regarded as the birthplace of Kava, with the majority chemotypes occurring there. Buy with confidence!
  Reviewed by:  Don Robinson from Tennessee. on 12/19/2011
Most potent kava I've ever tried
  I have tried kava from various other sites with varying results but Kava Kauai's kava is by far the most potent I've found. It makes you feel very happy and content. The price is very reasonable too. It's worth every penny. If you are going to try kava, Kava Kauai is the place to get it.
  Reviewed by:  Jon-Luc from MB, Canada. on 12/6/2011
  Nice product, friendly customer service and fast shipment.
  Reviewed by:  Sergei Ponomarev from Worcester, MA. on 9/29/2011
Very dependable
  I've hunted around for kava online for a couple years and this has been the most dependable site I've been able to find. Always quite potent and very consistent. This is the site I refer all friends due to its most dependable service and quality.
  Reviewed by:  Bertus from Watertown, Wisconsin. on 1/26/2011
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