Kava Kauai is a family owned and operated business. We take pride in the fast, friendly service we have been providing our customers since 1996. We are located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai (pronounced ka-why-ee).

Kava has been an important part of our lives for over 20 years. We enjoy drinking kava and sharing kava with our friends and family. The people you see on this web site live here on Kauai and are all a part of our "kava circle". It is our belief that kava is a healthy, peaceful antidote to the stress of modern day life styles. It is our hope, that by using kava, our customers will enjoy more peace and harmony in their lives.

About Us
Aloha from Gary & Lynne Mack.

You can contact us at:
Kava Kauai
PO Box 1202
Kapaa, HI 96746 USA
Phone at 1-808-821-1039

Satisfied Customers Since 1996, here's what they say:

"This is GREAT stuff! Very potent and I like not having to strain out a lot of fiber.
Thanks for providing such a quality product!" ~ Dave M.

"Oh Happy Day....I discovered Kava Kauai. Your product is DRAMATICALLY stronger and better than any Kava I've tried. It produces wonderful mellowing effects, a nice friendly altered state, and great restful sleep. Very very pleasant. Combines well with Cannabis too! ;-) ~ Gordon P.

"I think your Kava is great. It relaxes me for socializing.
I am very pleased with the product and service." ~ Michael M.

"I have ordered many times from you in the past, and you set the standard when it comes to service." ~ Paul C

"I've been a regular customer and I have to say that I have
never been disappointed in your product. Your standard of quality is
excellent. Thanks." ~Philip D

"I just wanted to drop a line to say I really enjoy your Waka grade Kava powder.  I am a first time customer and have been using Kona Kava Farm Kava but it hasn't really had an effect on me. Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys!! It's always great to come across manufacturers who are legit and sell what they are really advertising. I really enjoy your product.Thank you! Have a blessed and wonderful day!" ~Kristi M.

"It's always a pleasure to do business with folks who put more than desire for profit into their service/product. Thank you for the great job you do in this regard." In Frith ~Erik N.

"Great product!! This might sound weird, but I swear your
Kava helps me play my bagpipes better!!" ~ Laurence P

"You've got one satisfied customer here- We've been trying out a
few different places to acquire our kava, and the quality and service that we've
gotten from your company in absolutely 1st class. For some reason, your kava has a much better taste (and feel!)."
Keep up the great work! ~ Curt M.

"Thank you for the only excellent - or for that matter even acceptable - service.
I looked at literally every web page on a link list and no body seems
to know what theyʻre doing cept you guys. Expect a regular customer!" ~ Daniel D.

"Salam, i just, again, wanted to say how much i love your kava! i take about 3 heaping spoonfuls and drink it straight. i absolutly LOVE the amazing euphoric feeling that kava blesses me with while keeping my mind and what sanity i have left completely entact. and as a devout Ethiopian Orthodox Christian it is very much ok for me to drink pretty much anytime. thank you so much for your wonderful services, you are all in my prayers!!! In Christ," ~eluzai

"Wow you guys, I am impressed! My order reached me on the east coast in less than three business days, and the quality of my kava powder is wonderful. It's even better than the kava I got in Fiji! Even the "Aloha!" :) on my instructionsheet made me smile. It was such a pleasure doing business with you and I'll be ordering again from you soon! Thank you again!" ~Meghan

"As a first time buyer from your site, I have to say that I was a bit hesitant. I had already been scammed by a less reputable site, and cheated out of a bit of money. But you guys are the real deal. I received my purchase an amazing two days after ordering online. And the Kava itself is awesome. Me and my friends had a little get together, and had a great time just relaxing and "listening to the kava". It's nice to have a product that mellows you without putting you out of touch like alcohol and and other heavier drugs. Anyways, I'd just like to say thank you, and I'll definitely be ordering from you again. Keep being awesome." Aloha ~Anthony

"I have just received my order in Sydney Australia 1 week to the day of ordering. Absolutely Outstanding. I received an order confirmation email, an order receipt email and an order shipment notice email. Not only is your product FANTASTIC, your customer service is second to none. Thanks Gary and the team at Real Kava for making my internet experience as good as my recent holiday in Hawaii. Aloha from Sydney Australia."
~Matt D