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Hand Carved Kava Bowl
Uncle Kel serving kava from 14 inch bowl.

Hand Carved Kava Bowl

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Hand Carved Kava Bowl
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Beautiful Hand Carved Kava Bowl
Serve your kava in style in a traditional Fijian bowl! 

We are sold out of all our bowls as of Oct. 9, 2018. Please check back in November.

These hard carved tanoa, or kava bowls, are made of vesi wood by Fijian craftspeople in the same style used for thousands of years.  Each bowl is unique and can contain small variations and tool marks made by the artist who created it.  We normally carry two basic designs: a natural brown wood bowl with a hand carved design around the rim stained in black; and an entirely black bowl with hand carved design around the rim.  Both styles also have mother of pearl insets.  The black stain used is a food grade natural plant tannin. 

Bowls typically come in 12 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch sizes.  If your desired size is not available, please call us to make a request or check back in a month or two; new shipments arrive frequently.


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